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LESdesign is a full service web development and design firm nestled in the heart of Manhattan's Lower East Side. We specialize in getting your website up and running in an affordable, timely and professional manner. All of our work is done "in-house" and you can call us anytime day or night to discuss your project.

Our Promise To develop a relationship with each client that is mutually rewarding and to see your project all the way through to completion. If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of the process, we will work with you to make it right. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

We do not claim to deliver a website in 3 days, or throw out an arbitrary quote. A truly successful website takes special care to build, hone and craft. Our goal for every client is to deliver a website that we are not only happy to attach our name to, but one that makes the site owner excited and proud to call their own. We build our sites from the ground up after in-depth discussions with the client. While adding our expertise to the mix every step of the way, this method truly allows us to deliver exactly what the client needs to success.

How exciting would it be to be able to send out a link to your new website while sitting back knowing that it functions and looks the way you need it to?! Or that your emails and phone calls are responded to the same day? When you choose to hire us as your web developer, like any other business partner, your goals become our goals and we stick around for the long haul to assure a mutually beneficial relationship.

We specialize in:


We take your site from idea to substance implementing all the nuts and bolts that are crucial to the success of your business. This includes everything from shopping cart installation and logo design to search engine placement and keyword analysis. This may sound like technical mumbo-jumbo, but all of it works quietly behind the scenes while you reap all the benefits.

We also utilize the latest and greatest web standards to ensure your visitors can find you in the search engines and are equally happy and well cared for during their visit.


One of the most important elements of your business is your company's domain name, as it represents your home on the net. If you do not currently have a domain name for your business, we will register one, of your choosing, for you. It's important that you retain ownership of your domain name to ensure that you are calling the shots when it comes to all aspects of your online presence. Remember, you are the boss of me.

We can also suggest a few variations on your domain name to register as well. The last thing you'd want is a competitor registering a variation or a misspelling of your company name and keep potential visitors from finding the real you!


At $12.95 per month, you'll love our competitively priced and feature packed hosting plans. Through your own control panel, you'll learn how visitors are finding your site, what city they are in and your site's most popular pages. Literally, everything you'd want to know about each and every visit to your site.


After a successful launch of your new website, we hang around and watch it blossom into a fine young lad - even through those awkward college years. Always making sure it looks its best, functions at peak performance and plays well with others.

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