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Does Your Website Sleep On The Job

Making Sure Your Website Pages CAN Be Displayed:

How many times have you followed a link from your favorite website only to arrive at a nearly blank screen showing the words, “This Page Cannot Be Displayed?” When the initial shock and/or confusion subside, you hit your browser’s back button and try again. Ever the optimist, you stare in disbelief at the same nearly blank screen and this time try hitting your browser’s refresh button. Again, no luck. Sadly, "This Page Cannot Be Displayed."

What actually causes this elusive error message, and more importantly, what if this happens to your website? First, let us address the cause. This particular error message can be caused by a variety of (technical) reasons. These range from (stick with me here) connection-related issues and firewall configuration, to browser compatibility and network plug-ins. Any way you slice it, it’s not good.

Now, how can we protect your site?

Your website is directly related to your income and we need to ensure your site is up and running at all times and accessible to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Our ability to host the sites we build on our servers enables us to monitor your site along side ours ( For example, we installed an active website uptime monitoring system to automatically check every 30 minutes whether this site is accessible or not.

The live results monitoring are generated via the button below:

website performance

When you choose to have us build your website, we can set you up with a free monitoring system to ensure your site’s "Pages CAN Be Displayed."

October 03, 2007

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