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Is Your Logo Talking Behind Your Back

Does your logo talk behind your back? Is it saying nice things about your company? Well, let's hope so! The job of any logo is to communicate to your potential customers exactly what it is your company offers and the manner in which you offer it.

Are you an upscale corporation catering to executives and business men, or is your target audience male sports fans? Obviously, the approach you take in creating your logo will vary depending on your target market. Aligning your company image with its tone and message through proper logo design is crucial to the success of your business.

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Does Your Website Sleep On The Job

Making Sure Your Website Pages CAN Be Displayed:

How many times have you followed a link from your favorite website only to arrive at a nearly blank screen showing the words, “This Page Cannot Be Displayed?” When the initial shock and/or confusion subside, you hit your browser’s back button and try again. Ever the optimist, you stare in disbelief at the same nearly blank screen and this time try hitting your browser’s refresh button. Again, no luck. Sadly, "This Page Cannot Be Displayed."

What actually causes this elusive error message, and more importantly, what if this happens to your website?

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Getting Your Business (Email) Off The Ground

The fun and excitement of watching your business website go from idea to official launch often overshadows the many interior elements that will produce the same feeling, only sooner.

One of these elements is your personalized business email account. I’m referring to the ability to boast on your new business cards, letterhead and anywhere else you see fit.

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A Design Project's Humble Beginnings

The Blank Page – Where All Design Projects Begin:

To some, the blank page is an intimidating space that could be filled in an infinite number of ways, so much so that it becomes paralyzing and accomplishes very little.

To us, it represents a plethora of exciting possibilities that can be shaped into a spectacular site when combined with our know-how and a new client’s vision.

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