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It's impossible to stress how important the ABOUT YOU section is to us at LESdesign. I can go on all day ABOUT US but really, the process can't begin to move forward until we learn ABOUT YOU. We don't necessarily need to learn about which Wednesday night shows you prefer, or your thoughts on 'nature vs. nurture,' but learning about your industry and goals is vital, paramount, essential. You get this gist...


Josh Cary, Web Designer Josh Cary, Web Developer
Okay, okay, twist my arm. My name is Josh. I run things around here. I'm an artist, and in such need creative outlets to feed my art. I've been creating sites in one form or another for more than 7 years now.

In the Summer of 2000, when I was between acting gigs, I found myself at a temp job where I was hired to answer a phone that didn't ring much. I did, however, have all-day access to a computer. Slowly but surely, I realized that I not only had an interest in becoming a webmaster but I could potentially earn more doing so than waiting for that phone to ring.

I eventually went on to create LESdesign. Named for its location, of course; the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I think it happens to be one of the greatest neighborhoods to be a part of. My parents and grandparents all spent the majority of their lives down here.

If you haven't experienced the area, let's grab a cup of coffee and discuss your project at a number of spacious and comfortable cafes.

Geoff Ryan Geoff Ryan, Graphic Designer
I'm Geoff Ryan and I don't run things around here but I do help make everything look all shiny and fun. In fact, ever since my early years of scribbling murals on my bedroom wall with Crayolas I've found myself enamored by the power of creativity and ideas.

Over the years I've been fortunate enough to have worked as a graphic designer on numerous different ad campaigns including two years working on the international marketing campaign for the "New York Film Academy" where in my years there I moved up to be the head media planner and helped make it the largest film school in the world.

Like Josh, I find many different outlets for my creative impulses. As an art director I've worked with fashion labels such as ACP and Nautica, as a musician I've scored television commercials, films and videos, as an artist I've had a few gallery shows and a drawing in the Portland Art Museum, and as a filmmaker I've made an assortment of films, music videos, a good helping of commercial and corporate videos and am currently developing an animated series.

So what does any of this experience mean to you? It means that when you are looking to develop a brand identity, a logo and a look to conjure up the essence of your business you've got someone that has the experience and the diversity to capture your message and deliver it to your audience with style.

ARC Alitia Rose Crismond, Content Editor
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Flash Guru Christian Kragh, Flash Developer Guru
Hi there. I'm Christian Kragh and I'm a Flash Developer, so I'm the guy that puts in the hours when a client requests a Flash expert to design Flash elements for their website. I've been learning or working with Flash in some way or another for more than 6 years now.

My previous credits include a variety of businesses, individuals and agencies. I was born in Denmark, grew up in upstate New York, and have been lucky enough to live and work in many destinations across the globe including Belgium, Denmark, England, and Germany.

Okay, enough ABOUT US. Please get in touch and let's talk ABOUT YOU.