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Hooray, Web Design! (Lower East Side design) :: We are a New York Web Design & Development Firm located in the heart of Manhattan's Lower East Side. We are available most anytime day or night to chat about your project, answer all your questions and meet face-to-face every step of the way. [How novel.] In a nut shell, we offer web design and programming, domain registration, site hosting and maintenance. Really, virtually everything needed to get your site from where it is this very moment to where you want it be shortly down the road.


From the moment you make contact with us, you'll notice our friendly and professional approach to building websites. We are available every step of the way to bring your project from "How?" to "Wow!" Since not all clients are available to discuss their project during "normal business hours," we make ourselves available when it's most convenient for you.


Web design is nothing short of an art form. There are rules to follow and industry standards to keep up with. Part of our job is to make certain your new website looks and functions exactly they way it should. We do extensive user testing on your behalf to ensure optimal user-experience and accessibility.


Building a website can be an ever-changing process. The sites we build are developed from the ground up and always allow for future expansion. Whether you want to add new pages of content, a company blog, a newsletter mailing list, a Flash animated intro, or a complete e-commerce solution to sell your goods or services, we'll be prepared.

So, What's The Deal?

Building Websites is what goes on around here. We don't believe in just throwing together some pages and calling it a day. Over time, as we became more in tune with our client's needs, we noticed a trend - a bland, stuffy-headed web designer did not make the process any easier or enjoyable. In fact, it was quite clear that a designer who is personable - not to mention one who can be reached anytime day or night, sticks with the project from beginning to end, and respects, admires and embraces your input - was much more appreciated. Whether your goal is a site that is corporate and polished or creative and quirky, find out how LESdesign believes that professionalism and fun go hand and hand.

I'm Listening...

How We Take Your Website From Idea to Launch

A brief step-by-step rundown on how the process of getting your website from the first phone call to launch really happens:

1] • Let's Talk
A simple one-on-one conversation can go a long way. We'll learn about your site goals and find the best, most efficient way to make them happen for you.
2] • Thoughts Are Assembled
With notes in hand, we all gather 'round the LESdesign water cooler to discuss the plan of attack for your website.
3] • The Ball Gets Rolling
Once all the bells and whistles of the project details are flushed out, we go to work while keeping an open line of communication with you.
4] • Feel The Excitement
The finishing touches are gently added to your shiny, new website, and our team tests (and re-tests) site-wide functionality.
5] • Celebrate Good Times!
Congratulations! Mazal-Tov! Gluckwunsch! However you choose to say it, bubblies are in order (or juice if that's more your thing)!